Oxford Engineering Limited of Abingdon, Oxfordshire specialises in lean manufacturing, supply chain management and precision engineering to provide total manufacturing solutions.

Our mission is to be “an engineering company worthy of high regard” (as featured in Timothy Forster's, '101 Great Mission Statements' — How the world's leading companies run their businesses. A collection of mission statements from leading organisations from all over the world, selected by experts in the field. Organisations such as Coca-Cola, Mc Donalds, Toyota, Ford, British Airways, Johnson&Johnson, American Express, Apple Computer, IBM, Microsoft, British Telecom, Bayer, Glaxo, Federal Express, Tesco, W H Smith...). We have the ability and the experience to provide cost competitive, lean, low risk manufacturing solutions to a wide variety of demanding industry needs.

Since its formation in 1968, Oxford Engineering Limited has built an extensive expertise in a number of selected focused industry sectors; namely Medical, Energy (Oil and Gas & Power Generation), Semi conductor and Aerospace.

The key to the company’s success is customer focus, with 90% of business resulting in repeat work from clients, many of whom have trusted the Company as a single source for over 25 years.


Oxford Engineering's vision is to be recognised by all its customers as a world-class business.

The KAS Technologies Group, parent company of Oxford Engineering, was finalist at the Manufacturer Of The Year Awards 2007 in the category "Manufacturing Operations" for achieving world-class manufacturing.

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Cut your manufacturing costs

Customer focus

"On behalf of Siemens Healthcare [USA], I want to thank you for the efforts of your staff... Your efforts required the cooperation of many people and processes... You all sat down, worked out the logistics and issues to get us our parts, striving for success. Your efforts set an example to other organisations as to what can be done when everyone understands the urgency, considers the possibilities and follows through."

The Purchasing Manager

Siemens Healthcare [USA]

A Jewel

A “Jewel in the crown of British Engineering”, Oxford Engineering combines a wealth of experience with the highest integrity.

The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

Strategic relationship

“Oxford Engineering is the most proactive and strategic mechanical supplier. The relationship example is used as a benchmark to all suppliers.”

One of the world’s largest electrical engineering and electronics companies

Outstanding supplier

“Oxford Engineering is an outstanding supplier in quality, delivery and relationship.” Best Supplier 2005

One of the global leaders in immunodiagnostics