Covid-19 Downgrade

June 3 / 2021

We are very pleased with the vaccination program in the UK and the effects it has on daily life with a progressive opening of the economy and relaxation of the rules we have been living under for over a year now.

50% of the UK adult population has been fully vaccinated and 75% have had their first jab. This has resulted in the de-coupling of cases, hospitalisations and deaths.

In Estonia 18% of adults have been fully vaccinated and 37% have had their first jab therefore no exemption are yet advised.

In the Philippines, no exemption are yet advised.


If you have been fully vaccinated for longer than 2 weeks prior to entry into our premises: share you vaccination card with our Human Resources department and become exempt from the onboarding and face masks obligations, sanitation and social distancing rules – regardless of the color coding. We ask you to still be considerate to others. Dispensation remains at the discretion of the Company. This exemption can be rescinded at any time.


Keep safe!

Covid19 Crisis Management 3.6.2021_V7