Oxford Engineering CEO shines at Venture Day

May 29 / 2016

Venture Day was made complete with the addition of Oxford Engineering CEO, Karim Sekkat. The training and panel session was hosted by Cranfield School of Management and provided students with the opportunity to ask successful business people about their methods of achieving business success.

Venture dayOn September 22 this year, the conference focused on the concept of “supergrowth” in businesses. While supergrowth is not something that entrepreneurs normally consider at the beginning of their businesses, solid business formation should include planning for the future. Panellists were asked to provide insight into how to prepare for supergrowth in a new or existing company.

The panellists discussed their own companies and situations that prompted necessary changes. These changes were exactly what the companies needed to excel and grow. Mr. Sekkat talked about how one of his companies serviced only one customer when he joined the team. In order to rectify this problem, he created a client base expansion plan. His plan has led to the expansion of Oxford Engineering, far beyond what was originally expected.

Venture dayAfter the initial speeches, students had the opportunity to ask panelists questions. Since the concept of supergrowth is still difficult to initiate, the students inevitably had a lot of questions for Mr. Sekkat and the other panel members. Mr. Sekkat was happy to be part of student growth and will is excited to connect with students again in the future.



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