Our Mission and Values

Our company values are a set of high level statements that describes how the company behaves. These company values are not a mission statement that describes what task the company aims to fulfil.

Mission Statement

“to be an engineering company worthy of high regard”


“to strive for world-class”

Our company values

  • To behave with integrity, honesty and openness in all our dealings;
  • To continuously improve;
  • To display mutual respect;
  • To expect high performance standards;
  • To maintain safe, good and clean working conditions above the industry norm;
  • To provide equal opportunity and fairness;
  • To provide job satisfaction and promote from within where possible;
  • To train employees to release their full potential linked to our company goals;
  • We believe that a well-trained workforce will outperform a company of untrained people no matter how much natural ability they may have.

Statement of Intent

This mission statement, vision and values are being published to let all interested parties know what we are about and where we are going. It should help all employees to pull in the same direction.

It is not just pretty words but an honest statement of intent by senior management.

We believe that if in every aspect of the business we warrant “high regard”, then success in both human
and financial terms will follow.

This mission statement is featured in Timothy Forster’s, ‘101 Great Mission Statements’ – How the world’s leading companies run their businesses