At Oxford Engineering we recognise that traditional quality control in isolation is flawed. Control is nothing without assurance. Measuring a part does not make it conform and remaking it does not make it lean.

Therefore the assurance processes associated to part supply start from reliable quoting through to manufacturing processes and include reliable despatch and delivery document.

We define Quality Assurance as fully meeting Customer expectations, explicit or otherwise.

Quality can only be achieved when every member of the company firstly recognises and secondly enacts their role in realising quality.

This inter dependency is illustrated within our QMS documentation. However, the practical application can be seen throughout the Company.

OE maintains quality in many ways – BSEN9100 / AS9100 (Aerospace Std) is rolled out across all our customers. Information is translated by means of:-

  • Standard Operating Procedure (Sealed)
  • Manufacturing Instructions
  • Layouts
  • Defined Routing
  • Programs (Sealed programs verified by Veri-cut)
  • Jigs / Fixtures (Poke Yoke)
  • Skills Matrix / Inductions / Investigations / Briefs
  • NCR’s / 8D
  • Company Procedures
  • Standard Documents