Oxford Engineering confirm supply of key assemblies to World Leader in Bio Medical Research

March 31 / 2020

Key scientific customer informs Oxford Engineering Group that its products and services provide many of the world’s leading scientists and manufacturers with the capability they need to perform their valuable work.

The Managing Director writes: “We are pleased to use your company’s product as a key part of our supply chain. With the focus on global health systems, bio-medical research and medical devices, especially during the Covid19 pandemic, I thought we should highlight the importance of our products used by customers throughout the world in these areas, specifically for a range of bio-medical applications. Our current order book and forward-looking sales pipelines have several important systems for use in these areas… a good example of a product used in bio research and helps researchers create and prepare thin samples for low temperature cryo-electron microscopy. The structure of Covid-19 protein was discovered in February this year partly by use of cryo-EM systems at various laboratories around the world.

As a supplier, you therefore play an important role in the global response to this pandemic. We need to ensure we can continue to manufacture and deliver the products and services that serve customers around the world. We therefore strongly encourage you to continue your support to us in the supply of materials, components and other parts and services during this time… As always, we greatly value our relationship with you and are looking forward to your commitment in supporting our critical materials and service needs in the coming months.”